What is HaLi bows?

HaLi bows was created to help mamas with the best season selection of bows and accessories for babies, girls and moms! We offer either retail and an exclusive monthly bows subscription. In our subscription, we design three different, beautiful, stylish bows and deliver them straight to your house.

How does the subscription work?

First, you need to subscribe, then you choose your bows size and between our nylon headband or alligator clip. Next you have a chance to choose and add on other retail products in your cart with your exclusive subscriber discount, on a monthly basis! And last, but not least, for the subscriptions valid until the 28th, we ship your bows between 26th-29th of each month, and always wishing you will love it!

You have until the 28th of each month to subscribe and get the bows of that month shipped. If you subscribed after the 20th of the month, your first shipment will be the 26th-29th of the following month.

Can I add products to my subscription?

Yes!!! You will find more bows in our website that can be added to your monthly shipment.

What is in the package each month?

Three new bows, designed to match with the season and trend! If you added another products, they will be included in the package!

How much the shipping would cost?

Subscriptions start at $11.99 per month plus $3.50 for domestic shipping and $15 for international shipping. You can add on additional subscriptions and more accessories to fit your needs, and total price will be revised accordingly.

How do I subscribe?

You can click here to subscribe or go to the menu bar and click on "subscribe".

In case I have two or more daughters, can I subscribe more then once?

Of course, you can make the numbers of subscriptions you want, including give it as a gift! It is just the case to put the quantity you want when you are subscribing.

When can I expect my first subscription of the bows?

The cut off date to get the bows of one specific month is the 28th of that month. All valid subscriptions until the 28th, will ship between 26th and 29th of each month.

Are your bows available only through subscription?

The selected bows of the monthly subscription are available only for the subscribers! We also have other bows on sale, with exclusive 20% discount for subscribers.

Can I change my personal information and choices?

Sure, you can manage your subscription and account, by logging in and editing your preferences, such as email address, mailing address, subscription type, bows size, number of subscriptions, etc.

Which bow subscription is right for me?

Our medium size fits 0m-3yrs and the large size fits 3yrs and on.

What happens if I receive wrong bows?

We are so sorry you received the incorrect bows. Please email us right away at hello@bowsbyhali so we can get your order corrected!

Can I buy even if I am not a subscriber?

Yes, you can buy all our retail bows!

Can I change one or more of the three bows?

You are not able to change the bows of the subscription. We worked hard to come up with the best design, stylish and trend, to keep it fun!

Can I track my package?

Absolutely! Once your package ships you will receive an email with tracking information.

Are you going to ship outside the USA?

Yes, we are shipping worldwide! Domestic shipment fee is $3.50 and international is $15.

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or exchanges because the seasonal nature of our products. If you experience any problems or you are unhappy with our problems, please contact us thru our email hello@bowsbyhali.com, so we can take care of it!

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How do I update my billing information?

You can update your payment info anytime by logging into your account, clicking "edit" under credit card, replacing your existing information, and clicking save.

I updated my billing information after the regular billing date. When will I receive my package?

If you update your billing information before the 26th you will receive the coming month's bows.

How do I use my coupon?

You can redeem your coupon at checkout. Please, be aware you can use only one coupon per order.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time you want.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can anytime you want by logging in your account and managing your subscription. You must cancel by the 5th day of the month to not receive the following shipment. If you cancel on or after the 5th you will receive one more shipment.

Can I reactivate my subscription?

Yes, you can do it anytime you want! You just need to log in your account and reactivate your subscription.

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