Our Story

We met in an unusual way, but the friendship that was built was already planned by God. Liana, a multinational engineer, resigned last June after 14 years in the oil business, wanting to be more focused on her children. The idea of the business came after the birth of her baby girl, and she figured out there is a perfect hair bow for each season and each look! “Why don’t can I think on it for the other mamas and delivery it monthly to them? It is so convenient and time saving!” As we said, God was already designing something very interesting for both of us. And on an ordinary day we were talking while our children were in taekwondo classes and the idea screamed in Liana’s heart... Hana, would you be my partner in this adventure? And I said: Sure!!! Our personalities match, the concern of always being fair and helping each other even in a simple Sunday lunch, the way that each of us live our lives put a peace in our hearts. Hana really had a feeling that this invitation would work! And now we are here, starting it from scratch. May Lord help us. Thanks for all the friends that are supporting and sharing our project!